Have Video Games Impacted the Recent Increase of Shootings

Students on shootings and video games

Coral CwmCwlamare, Staff Writer

If violent video games, like shooters, demonstrate how to use a weapon they could possibly share a connection.” – Jenelle Jesen, 9th grade

“I don’t think that video games increase mass shootings, but has been shown to increase violence in kids. I believe they are not related.” – Eden Maloney, 9th grade

“I don’t really think video games cause everyday violence.” – Alexandrea Cate, 10th grade

“No, I don’t think so. I play a lot of video games and I don’t think I would probably hurt someone on purpose.” – Austin Schrader, 11th grade

“I honestly don’t think video games have anything to do with it.” – Belen Hernandez, 11th grade



I learned how to interview people something that I found difficult. This taught me how to find sources to use for something and how to talk to them. It taught me that in journalism good sources can tell a whole story. Next time I would interview more guys and seniors.