Hot or Not: the Upcoming Trends of Spring

New fashion trends are popping up across the globe and some popular trends from the past are reappearing. With a new year, these recent trends are sure to make an impact.

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Zoey Zarkou

Quarantine came, and with it, I discovered a brand new obsession: fashion. My TikTok feed blew up with various bits of fashion advice for creating the “perfect outfit.” I have come to love fashion as the trends are always shifting and adapting, and new clothing items are coming out all the time. This results in even more trends causing the lives of many to be impacted and potentially inspired. I have been no different. As the upcoming Spring of 2021 quickly approaches, a variety of trends have appeared in preparation for the new season. As most trends do, some will undoubtedly catch on and get global recognition, yet others will only be present for a few short weeks. Despite this, these trends that I have quickly fallen in love with are busy shaping the fashion industry.



Sitting in my room, I would shuffle through clothing item after item, attempting to find the perfect match. I tried dressing as a variety of aesthetics, and fell in love with the idea of layering. Not only can this technique look “picture ready”, it is perfect for a colder day. One of my favorite ways to layer is with another popular trend: oversized tops. Oversized tops are not limited to simply jackets, but T-shirts, flannels, and hoodies are also included in the mix. These tops not only look great, but are very comfortable. 

Mom Jeans/Wide Legged Jeans

As the years have passed, the idea of jeans has been constantly evolving. At the top right now happen to be jeans that fit tighter around the waist, and are baggier on the ankles. The mom jeans in my closet are easily one of my favorites pairs, as they are versatile and match well with nearly everything. Oversized tops? Perfect. Tighter tops? Also perfect. Mom jeans come in a variety of styles, such as ripped or high-waisted, and are a great addition to one’s wardrobe. 

Pastel Palette

Perfectly fitting the spring aesthetic, colors such as baby pink and sage green are quickly gaining the world’s attention. The likely reason as to why these colors are so popular is their flexibility. These pastel colors can be worn in many different ways: sports bras, leggings, midi dresses, skirts, and more. 


The way a person dresses impacts them greatly, whether that means their individual personality or behaviors. I love how not everyone sees fashion the same way. For one person, they may choose the focus of their outfit to be their shoes. This person could design their entire wardrobe to highlight the shoes they have on. Yet, not everyone is like this. Others may focus on creating perfect color combinations, or patterns in their OOTD (outfit of the day). Fashion depends on you, your inspirations, and your aesthetic.