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The Thrifting Renaissance: The Resurgence of Thrifting as a Sustainable Trend

Rows of loom machines weave thousands of threads arranged in a precise, carefully manufactured manner into yards of fabric, creating intricate designs to be washed and dyed and turned into the clothing that ends up in stores across the nation. This process happens at an unfathomable rate as demand for fast fashion rises rapidly due to its low prices and the instant gratification of consumerism. What happens after that is a journey unique to every garment through someone’s wardrobe, collecting story after story. More often than not, the worn-out and storied clothing ends up decaying at the bottom of a landfill after a few uses. The life cycle of clothing seems to be more of a line, and the thrift shopping renaissance is a sustainable trend students have taken up in recent years of the climate crisis in order to change that. 


Meet Maryn Chambers: the student with her own business based around thrifting

Tori Thorp , Co-editor in chief

 The thrifting community among West students has swelled during quarantine, and with the rise of thrifting social media influencers, a trend that can make you feel good about what you’re doing while also staying in the fashion loop has sparked curiosity. Some students have even taken an interest in building a business around thrifting, posting their finds on Instagram to sell and ship to othe...

Political Pieces: thrifted clothes are more than just additions to a wardrobe

Tori Thorp, Co-editor in chief

“Since I’m underage I can’t vote, and I can’t really use legal power to influence policies I care about, but one thing I can do is change my personal actions,” sophomore Alice Whiteside said, “so I like thrifting because it’s good for the environment, and I also donate my clothes when I’m done with them instead of just throwing them away because it keeps the cycle going.”   ...

What’s in Your Second Hand Closet?

Tori Thorp, Co-editor in chief

Students and graduates of West Albany alike share their experience thrifting for pre-loved clothes. Much like the clothes in their wardrobe, no two thrifters are alike in their reason for shopping second-hand. Scroll through to check out some thrifted outfits put together by the second-hand shoppers of Albany....

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