COVID-19 Stockpiling

Brogan O'Hare

June 10, 2020

Next time you’re visiting the grocery store to restock your pantry, stop by the bulk foods section. If it looks gutted and empty, don’t be surprised. While most grocery stores generally saw a rise in sales over the last f...

Romancier Retires

Brogan O'Hare

June 9, 2020

Former Albany aquatics recreation programs manager and water polo coach of the West Albany High School Girls Water Polo team, Rob Romancier, has officially retired as of the 28th of February.      Romancier, who has managed the cit...

New Creative Writing Class

Melia Rasmussen, Staff Writer

March 10, 2020

Students flip through the newly updated 2020-2021 course, having been told to forecast for their next year of high school. Returning upperclassmen might notice that some of the usual classes have been changed in credit worth or...

Financially Fit

Melia Rasmussen, Staff Writer

February 28, 2020

The Dave Ramsey Plan states that the Five Foundations of Personal Finance are: Establish an emergency plan, pay off your debt, pay cash for your car, pay cash for college, and build wealth and give. But why is that important for s...

Final Frenzy

Melia Rasmussen and Cheyenne Such

January 27, 2020

Finals: Once a semester. Twice a school year. One hour and 10 minutes long. Within January, soon after the end of winter break, the talk of finals becomes more common. Whether it be the increasing workload, the approaching due d...

Have Video Games Impacted the Recent Increase of Shootings

Coral CwmCwlamare, Staff Writer

January 24, 2020

If violent video games, like shooters, demonstrate how to use a weapon they could possibly share a connection." - Jenelle Jesen, 9th grade "I don't think that video games increase mass shootings, but has been shown to increase violence in kids. I believe they are not...

Enter the Net

Coral CwmCwlamare, Staff Writer

January 24, 2020

The use of technology has become the standard for classrooms. One of the ways was with the introduction of Google Classroom. Instead of having to do assignments on paper, now students use Chromebooks, computers, and phones to comple...

City of Tears

City of Tears

January 24, 2020

Special Education Mourns Loss of Secretary

Malachi Murphy, Editor in Chief

January 21, 2020

TERRY WALTZ, age 61, born in 1958, from Salem OR, passed Nov. 21, was a woman larger than life, told by all her loving coworkers. Through and through, not a single person in the special education department could say they weren...

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