Varsity Girls Soccer Game Preview

Melia Rasmussen, Sports Editor

     The varsity girls soccer team is playing against the Central High School Panthers in an away conference game at their home turf at Independence, OR on Tuesday, October 15, starting at 7 p.m. The team is 6-1 in their conference, losing only to Wilsonville in September.

     The Bulldogs, having played against Central last year and won 3-0, remember the game as being very physical. This year, many teams have changed their defensive style, so the girls have been focusing on adjusting to the new challenge.

     “We’ve done a lot of practices that focus on getting around the defense when they’re just setting all their players back in the box,” senior and team captain Bethany Marteeny said.

     “We’ve had two girls who have had season-ending injuries and that’s just heartbreaking because they’re really good players,” Marteeny said of the team’s struggles, “but we’re doing awesome.”

     Senior Jayde Crowe adds to the effect of injuries on the team, and the fact they had to adjust their methods in order to stay on top of things. Players and roles have been shifted from what they’re normally used to and the girls are working out how to work together. Also, due to the recent illnesses spreading around, there’s been quite a dent in the roster for the team, and the still recovering girls cannot play to their fullest ability on Tuesday. 

     “We’ve been working on defense stuff since we’ve been having a lot of injuries in that area,” Crowe said. “We’ve been pushing our offense harder at practice and we’re working on things we need to work on.”

     This game will be their eighth of this season, and fourth before playoffs begin. Each game and practice works them harder in order to prepare for their opponents. This game is going to be physically exhausting for the players, and well worth the drive over to see the team and its six seniors play. 

     “Just as a senior…you take a lot of leadership roles because even as you leave, you still want your team to do well,” Crowe said. Marteeny and Crowe are two of the four other seniors on the varsity team, meaning seniors make up a third of the team. They both agree that this season has a different atmosphere than the previous years. 

     “Next Thursday is Senior Night and that’s going to be so weird,” Marteeny said.

     Tuesday will have sunshine with little to no rain, making it perfect for a soccer match. The girls don’t get as much recognition at their games as much as other sports, Marteeny had said earlier in an interview, but they continue to play hard and stay strong.  The players are tough, experienced, and determined to win this match. 

     “I would prepare for a really good game.” sophomore Jenna Sally tells fans, “I think we should be able to get the better of it because of how well we’ve been playing.”

   Regardless of the final score of this game, the Bulldogs will move on and play against Silverton High School later this week at home on the 17th, a Thursday. The game starts at 7 p.m. where they will also be commemorating the six seniors on the team for Senior Night. It is forecasted to rain that night, so be sure to bring an umbrella or a water-proof jacket and something dry to sit on.