COVID-19 Stockpiling
Brogan O'Hare June 10, 2020

Next time you’re visiting the grocery store to restock your pantry, stop by the bulk foods section. If it looks gutted and empty, don’t be surprised. While most grocery stores generally saw a rise...

Romancier Retires
Brogan O'Hare June 9, 2020

Former Albany aquatics recreation programs manager and water polo coach of the West Albany High School Girls Water Polo team, Rob Romancier, has officially retired as of the 28th of February.      Romancier,...

Protesting racial injustice, hundreds flood Ellsworth Street
Protesting racial injustice, hundreds flood Ellsworth Street
Dezmond Remington and Colvin Parvin June 6, 2020

 Hundreds of people of all different races, colors, genders, and ways of life lined Ellsworth Street in downtown Albany on June 2, protesting the recent death of George Floyd at the  hands of...

Decorative Headline
That's What She Said
Mattea Hellman and Emily Haarstad January 22, 2020
The National Sexual Violence Resource Center reports that rape is the most under-reported crime, citing that 63 percent of sexual assaults are never reported. R.A.I.N.N. also reports that out of 1000 rapes, 995 perpetrators will walk free.
The Other Side of the Stars
Ewan Murray, Social Media Editor • January 21, 2020

Chinese astrology and calendar explained and compared. Just like all things, astrology has variations. One of these variations is of Chinese origin. With this variation comes even more zodiacs along...

Hannah Field, Special Editor • December 9, 2019

     She sits patiently, a genuine smile crossing her face, surrounded by friends in a chapel filled with people dressed in neat clothing. Dresses, ties, and bows in their hair; it’s obvious she...

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