New Student Curriculum
New Student Curriculum
Ming Wong, News Co-editor • April 17, 2022

On April 4, district members convened at South Shore Elementary School for a regular board meeting in which curriculum coordinator Stacy Lee presented an update to the adoption of curriculum in the district.       According...

Coming Together
Cecilia Greene, Multimedia editor • April 14, 2022

For school districts across Oregon, members of the African American Youth Leadership Committee have a conference for students that identify as African American to establish the true meaning of black excellence....

Never Alone, Always Lonely
Never Alone, Always Lonely
Tori Thorp , Co-editor in chief • April 14, 2022
In a randomly selected sample of 91 West Albany students, 78 percent of them reported using their phones over three hours a day. Out of those students, 61 percent said that they felt lonely over half of the time.
A table at the front of the presentation room held examples of counterfeit pills seized by the APD. Displayed above is a Xanax immitation pill containing fentanyl.
Albany Police Department Gives Educational Fentanyl Presentation
Tori Thorp , Co-editor in chief • April 13, 2022
Counterfeit pills can look like a number of things, including Xanax bars, M30 blue pills, and other prescription medications as pictured above. When bought off the street, these pills run an incredibly high risk of containing lethal doses of fentanyl.
Dedication to the Next Generation
Ming Wong, News Co-editor • March 16, 2022

As the leader of the city of Albany, Alexander D. Johnson II started off as a citizen without much knowledge of the local government that served...

A Student's Best Friend
Cali Stenger, Copy Editor • March 16, 2022

Stress is no stranger to high school students. More than 40% of students in the U.S have experienced the negative effects of stress in their...

New Superintendent Hired
Ming Wong, News Co-editor • March 16, 2022

On Feb. 3, the Greater Albany Public Schools school board convened for a roughly 13-minute special board meeting in which they announced...

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The Times of the Alumni
Samantha Zimmerman and Jose Lopez Ortega May 4, 2022

Mr. Pouliot  Math teacher Cole Pouliot walked the same halls as a student, and now as a teacher.  Pouliot was not only a good student, but also an avid player of sports. He claims to have played basketball...

Smile Bomb
Samantha Zimmerman, Special Editor • April 19, 2022

With the new option to remove masks in the classroom, it has become a largely enjoyable thing to see others' smiles. To contribute to the smiles, the Whirlwind special report staff came up with the Smile...

Say Cavities!
Say Cavities!
Jose Lopez , Staff • April 18, 2022

Nothing can cheer someone up more than a simple strike on their taste buds, a hit with their favorite candy. From creamy dark chocolate to hard candy or chewing gum, a taste from one's favorite candy brings...

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