Updating Old Traditions
Eleanor Peterson October 25, 2021

Homecoming court is an annual tradition where two to three girls from each class get to be princesses for a night. This long standing tradition has mostly been seen as a popularity contest, but this year,...

Deep Breath
Deep Breath
Legend Engberg October 19, 2021

Fires in Oregon are becoming an expected occurrence every year. As summer rolls around, we find our forest in flames as the heat picks up. Those larger fires can last for days on end, providing plenty...

PRO - Nouns
PRO - Nouns
October 19, 2021

Within the walls of WAHS, there are many opinions and beliefs that are debated and discussed by students, but one of these debates that’s been sticking out among the rest is the more recent discussion...

The Marketwatch game leaderboard during the first week of October
The Marketwatch Game: How two financial algebra teachers turned stock market lessons into a competitive and interactive way to learn
Tori Thorp , Co-editor in chief • October 5, 2021

Investing in the stock market begins as a gamble. Putting money into stocks in hopes of increasing your net worth can be risky. However, there’s so much more to investing than a simple game of guessing....

Superintendent responds to student led advocacy in opposition to schedule change
Tori Thorp, Co-editor in chief • June 13, 2021
A year from now, a group of students will sit in a meeting with representatives from across the district to discuss the topic of high school schedules, according to Superintendent Melissa Goff.
News or Snooze: How has the past year affected students interest in current events
Eleanor Peterson April 7, 2021

Every time you open Instagram or turn on the news, something new is happening. From the outbreak of Covid-19, to the Black Lives Matter protests,...

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Collective Community
Collective Community
October 23, 2021

Funko pops, comics, and cards, are some of the many things that people collect. But is it a thing of the past, is it coming back, or did it ever leave? Collecting things is a phase that everyone has gone...

The Rise of the Collector
Ellie Featherstone October 22, 2021

Whether you’ve only glanced into his classroom or you’ve had a couple classes in his room, you might have noticed that Spanish teacher Ken Beiser does not have a typical classroom. Star Wars collectibles...

Climate change impact on the future of our world
Climate change impact on the future of our world
Zoey Zarkou March 15, 2021

Six million people. The Guardian estimates that is how many people attended the global climate strike in late September of 2019. Climate activists press forward and demand for action to stop climate change...

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