A/C Issues
Avneet Dhaliwal, Staff Writer • September 23, 2022

As students returned to school this fall, they were welcomed by the blistering heat. Most students have their classes in the Gold building, built in 1953, which has had no cooling systems installed except...

The New Schedule
Gigi Roldan, Editor in Chief • September 23, 2022

West has shifted to a schedule with three periods, then lunch, followed by last period. The main reason for the change was to support the students with opens during 7th and 8th period, so they could go...

Never Missed Until its Gone
Never Missed Until it's Gone
Jose Lopez, Writer • September 19, 2022

School food may be endlessly mocked for its quality. But it's another thing to remove it as an option entirely. Free lunch for all students is no longer available this school year at WAHS. Students...

Negatives of the Pandemic Ending
Negatives of the Pandemic Ending
Kylie Brown June 1, 2022

All of our lives changed when the pandemic started, we all got cautious, kept 6 feet distance from each other and stayed home all day. It was a huge adjustment for everyone but what about now that it's...

Why Are Teachers Leaving?
Cecilia Greene, multimedia editor • May 31, 2022

  “I really love teaching, but you know a new opportunity arose for me. I’m going to be a quality control admin at PREELaboratories in...

New Student Curriculum
Ming Wong, Managing Editor • April 17, 2022

On April 4, district members convened at South Shore Elementary School for a regular board meeting in which curriculum coordinator Stacy Lee...

Coming Together
Cecilia Greene, Multimedia editor • April 14, 2022

For school districts across Oregon, members of the African American Youth Leadership Committee have a conference for students that identify as...

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I'm Most Likely to
Samantha Zimmerman, Special Editor • May 31, 2022

Nyree Virruta–Most likely to fangirl over Jensen Ackles   Uyen Huynh–Most likely to poke someone and not say anything   Lena Harrington–Most giggly   Khylin Sanchez-Hernandez–Best...

The Times of the Alumni
Samantha Zimmerman and Jose Lopez Ortega May 4, 2022

Mr. Pouliot  Math teacher Cole Pouliot walked the same halls as a student, and now as a teacher.  Pouliot was not only a good student, but also an avid player of sports. He claims to have played basketball...

Smile Bomb
Samantha Zimmerman, Special Editor • April 19, 2022

With the new option to remove masks in the classroom, it has become a largely enjoyable thing to see others' smiles. To contribute to the smiles, the Whirlwind special report staff came up with the Smile...

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