Junior Rhylee Shufelberger wins tickets to Harry Styles concert

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After checking her phone on the morning of Feb. 15, a notification popped up on the screen that read, “You’ve won!” From an Instagram giveaway, junior Rhylee Shufelberger had won a fan pass for two to see artist Harry Styles perform on the Today Show in New York City.


How did you win the tickets?

“They were doing a giveaway on Instagram. So I went to the link, put in my email, my old email, and my school email. And then my school email [won the tickets]…”


Who’d you go with?

“I went with my mom.”


Where was it? What was the event or venue?

“It was in New York, at the Rockefeller Center. It was outside of NBC. It was very cold and very rainy because it was in the morning.”


How long have you been a fan of One Direction or Harry Styles?

“Well, I think when I was eight or nine, my cousin showed me ‘What Makes You Beautiful.’ I was like ‘yes, I love this.'”


What was your reaction when you first got the tickets?

“I was very surprised. Like, I woke up that day, checked my email, and it said I got one [ticket]…. and I just sat in my bed and was like, ‘no way.’ I went to my mom’s room and I was like, ‘Mom, look at this.’”


Is your mom a Harry Styles fan?

“Nope. I forced her to listen to all of his music and be prepared.”


What’s your favorite song by him?

“It’s hard to pick, I really like [all of his music].”


Top three then?

“‘Fine Line’ from Fine Line. ‘Two Ghosts’ from his first album, and then probably ‘Sweet Creature’ from his first album.”


What was your favorite part of the event?

“Just being able to see him even though it was really hard to … because it [was] just, like, a flat floor. I had to stand on my tiptoes the whole time. But he’s like… so beautiful. And it [was] just really awesome to see.”


What was your initial reaction when you first saw him?

“‘Oh my gosh, that’s Harry Styles. Like, I’m looking at him in real life.’”


What was your most memorable moment of both the trip and the concert?

“For the concert, probably when he sang Kiwi because I love that song. And even though it was like eight in the morning, he went full out on it. Of the trip, probably just waking up super early and getting in the line to get in the venue, after going to bed at like 10:30. So yeah, that [was] crazy.”