Perspective: On Moving Away


Abby Bratton

Abby Bratton

     In the 6th grade my best friend moved to a different state, at the time I thought my world was going to end and Hell was going to freeze over. In reality it actually wasn’t that bad, if anything it made us closer. 

     He only moved about a state away, and it’s not as if we didn’t have any way to communicate with each other. The move impacted a lot of people, even though I didn’t move it felt like I was moving too. I was worried we were going to drift apart and slowly stop talking to each other because we would no longer see each other at school or be able to hang out when we wanted. It was difficult to adjust to these changes, but over time we made it work. Whether it was by making sure we talked often or just sent a simple message to each other we managed to stay friends over the years. 

     I still remember the last day of school we had together, the school day was normal but there was a sad feeling every time the bell rang, signaling the day was coming closer and closer to an end. After school my friends and I hung out and we spent the afternoon together, laughing and making memories. Then the day came to an end, he had to leave. His mom picked him up and we hugged him goodbye. I wasn’t sure the next time I would see him again. I went home after that. It was strange because we had school the next day, and I knew when I got there he wouldn’t be in his seat. 

    Life can take you so many different places, and even though this experience was a sad one it was also an adventure that I am glad I got to go on. I’m not a person who says everything happens for a reason, but I do think that without this experience I wouldn’t be the person I am today.