Q and A with club wrestler Ariana Martinez

Sophomore Ariana Martinez shares her experiences with traveling out of state for wrestling

Dezmond Remington, Co-Editor in Chief

How is club wrestling working?

There’s not that many rules. I feel like maybe that’s just my club. They don’t have a lot of

rules regarding COVID, like some parents can watch. And then we get tested whenever we leave the state, but other than that there aren’t that many rules, except for [not going to practice] if you’re sick or not feeling okay.


Which organization are you wrestling through?

I wrestle through Salem Elite. 


Have you guys had any competitions?

We’ve been out of state a couple times. Since I’ve started, at least five times. 


Could you tell me about that?

The past two times I went we went to Arizona and we went on a plane. And then a couple other times we went to Utah and we went on a 15 passenger bus. 


Have you done any wrestling meet in-state or have they all been out-of-state?

They have all been out-of-state because Oregon isn’t open for any wrestling. So we haven’t been able to do any here. 


When was the first time you went out-of-state for a competition? 

I think the first time was in the end of July to August, and it was like four days. 


Do you find you can do your schoolwork and wrestle?

I can do my schoolwork and wrestle. It’s really hard sometimes, especially when we go out of state. I guess if we have Wi Fi in the hotel I can. But last time I went, I couldn’t connect and I got pretty behind. But I was able to come back and do it, but that’s me personally. I don’t know about other wrestlers. It’s probably really hard for them to catch up.


What have your practices been looking like?

First off, we’re not even in an actual wrestling room. We weren’t even able to practice at the school because of the COVID stuff so you’re not allowed to practice inside there, so he rented a building and put matts down. He cleans them every practice. 


Can you tell me what it’s been like traveling out of state?

Well, on the bus, I like the bus better because I’m sitting next to people I know and it kind of sucks because we’re all cutting weight, and when you’re on a road trip, the best part is snacks, but we can’t do that. 


How many people do you have on your team?

We have a really, really big team. Not everyone really goes to the tournament. Usually the amount of people that come at least just with the coach and the bus is about 15 people, but it’s a really, really big club. It’s a really good club. I’d say you probably have like over 50 people in the club.


How large are your competitions?

[For] the guys, the cap for people is about 600 competing, and then for girls it’s usually 200 or 400. In my bracket, there’s usually only like maybe 10 girls at the most, because I go a lower weight. Also, not that many girls are wrestling right now. And then for guys there’s usually like 30 people in their bracket.


How has your season been going?

I’ve improved a lot. Since it’s my second year, I think I’m doing really good. My first couple tournaments in Utah and Idaho, I placed. I got third or fourth. That’s what I usually [place]; third, fourth, fifth, but the past few ones when I went to Arizona, I didn’t place because they were really good in Arizona, they have some really good wrestlers.