Collective Community

The collectors guide to collecting.


Funko pops, comics, and cards, are some of the many things that people collect. But is it a thing of the past, is it coming back, or did it ever leave? Collecting things is a phase that everyone has gone through, but some have taken that farther than the childhood rock collection. A few such people are teaching assistant Drew Small, freshman Trent Krzoska, freshman Henry Zinck, and senior Nathanial Arnott. These people have decided to do more than expected, and go beyond the status quo. 

     There are many things to collect: comics, cards, funko pops, and more. Small and Arnott are avid collectors of comics, Krzoska is a collector of funko pops, and Zinck is a collector of Magic the Gathering cards. 

    “I like to collect Magic Cards because my friends collect them, and I can play with them,” Zinck said. 

     Collecting can bring anyone a community that most never knew existed. Sometimes all that is needed is a friend that knows what they are doing to get a collection started. With so much to collect, and so many people that can show the ins and outs of the pursuit, it can be so fun, and help people feel like they belong. 

     “One thing that I love about collecting comics is that no two comics are alike,” Arnott said. 

     Just like people, things that one can collect are often something that represents someone and their personality. To have something that is very diverse so that someone can have something that fits all of them.

     “Start out small,” Krzoka said. “If you want to collect something that has lots of parts, start with one thing then move on.” 

     “I started collecting around five,” Small said. “But then I went into middle school and got into sports, then around high school I went to a friend’s house and saw their comics and got started collecting again.”

     One thing that is possibly not noticed is that you don’t have to collect them all your life. You can put them away for a while then come back to them and collect more. You can start now, try some other things then come back. It doesn’t have to be a forever thing, but it could be and that is when you know you have found a thing. 

     “It can get expensive fast,” Arnott said. “So start small.”

     A really important thing is to not go too hard at first. Don’t dive in head first, always test things out, then decide if you like it or not. It’s okay to make a decision and then decide something else later on. 

     “At the end of the day, get the stuff that you want,” Krzoska said. “And I don’t think that collecting is about getting the most expensive stuff, but what you want.”

     Collecting is a choice, and it is one that can be made really easily, but sometimes, like with life, you can get distracted and try to get all the newest things.Sometimes all you have to think about is what you want. Indulge if you want, if you like it or think it is cool, go ahead. 

     Collecting is a community. Finding people that have the same interests as you can be as easy as just going to the store and picking something up and someone else seeing you. It can give you a type of thing to look forward to, and something that is really awesome to have.