How The Cookie Crumbls

My review on the April 4-9 Crumbl menu


Image courtesy of Crumbl

Cali Stenger, Copy Editor

When it comes to dessert, cookies are one of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite. I’m usually the type of person who enjoys baking her own cookies over buying them, but after hearing raving reviews about the TikTok famous cookie chain Crumbl, I figured that I should give them a try. Their menu rotates weekly, offering enough novelty for customers to try new cookie flavors frequently. Co-founded by cousins Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley, Crumbl was originally started as a side hustle while McGowan and Hemsley were in college. Crumbl grew in popularity over the years with the cousins’ milk chocolate chip cookie recipe, which has been considered to have the perfect amounts of butter, sugar, flour, and chocolate chips. It now has over 100 cookie flavors in their repertoire, with this week’s menu featuring New York Cheesecake, Waffle, Berries & Cream, Dark Dream, and the classic flavors Pink Sugar and Milk Chocolate Chip. However, for this review, I’m only focusing on the exclusive weekly flavors.


New York Cheesecake: To begin with, I sampled the first cookie in the box which was the New York Cheesecake. This cookie was graham cracker flavored with vanilla cream cheese frosting. It looked exactly like how a cheesecake cookie would be expected to look, and the graham crumb topping was a nice detail. The frosting on this cookie was perfect. It wasn’t too sweet which allowed the tanginess of the cream cheese to come through and it also helped to balance out the sweetness of the graham cracker base. I happen to love cheesecake, and this cookie did not disappoint in appearance or taste!


Waffle: The waffle cookie was the next cookie I tried. It looked very appealing with the syrup topping and a dollop of maple frosting. My sister also happened to sample this cookie, eloquently describing it as “weird.” Initially, I really liked this one- it had a phenomenal “buttermilk waffle” flavor, especially once the maple buttercream and syrup was added. However, it did have a strangely salty aftertaste which threw off the idea a little. I also thought that the maple buttercream could definitely have a stronger maple flavor, as it was more of a hint than a hit.


Berries & Cream: Berries & cream, berries & cream, I’m a little lad who loves berries & cream! After the questionable waffle experience, it was time to move on. Berries & cream was a very unique cookie, and although this one wasn’t my favorite, I am also the person that despised mixed berry flavored anything from elementary school to this day. One thing I loved about this cookie was that it had whipped cream frosting, which was so fun and delicious. The overall taste of this cookie was similar to strawberry shortcake, but with a greater variety of berries. It also had a shortbread base which balanced perfectly with the frosting.


Dark Dream: Last but not least is the dark dream cookie, a dark chocolate cookie with, you guessed it, dark chocolate chips. The name of this cookie seemed mysterious and exciting, but unfortunately it didn’t live up to it. The chocolate flavor could have been much more intense, and it lacked the bitterness that I adore in dark chocolate. This cookie was also not the most impressive looking; it was appetizing but very simple. Of all the cookies, this one would be my least favorite, also due to the fact that it would be incredibly easy to make them at home so it didn’t have that “crumbl exclusivity” that I was looking for.


Overall, would I order from Crumbl again? Definitely! They are a bit pricey, but I think that it can be worth getting, depending on what seasonal flavors they have. This taste test was really enjoyable, and my sister and I were so excited to see all of the different cookies!