We Are One


Hailey Miles, Sports Editor

Texas teenager Jacob Facundo, a junior born in Wichita, Kansas, is a guitarist that recently released a seven song album titled “We Are One” on April 11, 2022. 

     Whirlwind: “Tell me about your interest in music and how it affected you growing up.”

     Facundo: “My family had always played music when I was growing up. My dad played ‘Lamb of God,’ and I would be headbanging with my long emo styled hair. My mom would play Michael Jackson, but my brothers affected me most. The first bands I remember them showing me were Nirvana and Slipknot. But over the years their music taste changed and so did mine. They introduced me to Mac DeMarco and the Black Keys when I was in 6th grade, which completely changed how I listened to music.”

     Whirlwind: “What people  inspired you to make this album and the songs?”

     Facundo:  “My best friend Erik Stanley probably inspired me the most. He always wanted me to fully produce some of my songs but I was always so lazy to record myself playing. Another good person was Blakley, she always wanted me to give her a sample of my music, which boosted my motivation to put something else there.”

     Whirlwind: “What is the album about?”

     Facundo: “The songs have more meaning than the actual abum, the album itself was to establish myself in the music community. For the songs, they have a much deeper meaning, like ‘Her and I.’ It was a song about how I fell in love with this girl and we made plans to live together and travel the world together, unfortunately we split up and I still think about her. I wrote ‘Go Backwards’ because I was talking to this girl in school, and I started to develop feelings towards her. I would always see her spending time with this other dude and I would ask ‘do you like him?’  And she would always say ‘he’s just my best friend,’ and a couple weeks later they became more than friends. Last one I’ll talk about is ‘Cowboys.’ Cowboys doesn’t have much of a meaning. It’s just that I’ve always loved the western and old country and artists such as Marty Robbins. So I thought making something like a ballad would be fun.”

     Whirlwind: “What was your process and journey like making the album?”

     Facundo: “The process was terrible, it was my first time ever learning how to use Logic Pro X. You need to learn all the tools and functions, making it a hassle. But in the end, I figured my way through. It took me around 2 weeks to fully publish all my songs. Which wasn’t long at all but like I said previously, the major goal of this album was to establish myself in the community.”

     Whirlwind: “Are you going to be making more in the future?”

     Facundo: “Yes! in fact I am currently making an album right now, it should have around 9 songs on it. I spent some time learning Logic Pro X and trying to polish my sound.”

     Whirlwind: “Do you plan on this being a career type thing or just a hobby for the future?”

     Facundo: “I only do this as a hobby to release any type of emotion in me. Although, I would love to have a career in this. If that’s ever going to happen I’m going to create a full band with loud and grungy vibes. If anyone’s interested then hit me up and I would love to talk about it.”


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