Why Are Teachers Leaving?

Cecilia Greene, multimedia editor

  “I really love teaching, but you know a new opportunity arose for me. I’m going to be a quality control admin at PREELaboratories in Corvallis. It is a lab that tests cannabis products. Even though I’m not teaching here anymore, I’m hoping that my career change inspires others to see all the different paths and avenues that interest in science.”Physical Science Teacher, Nawshin Sardar

“I am going to be working in the human resources department mentoring new teachers at all three high schools: South Albany, Albany Options School, and West Albany. For me, having an opportunity to help teachers become great, I’m really excited to do it.” Chemistry Teacher, Sylvia Sorenson.

Personally, I’m leaving because my wife got her dream job in Portland, and we had to make the choice as a family of what we wanted to do. It would be better for us to move up there rather than going back and forth.” Math teacher, Derek Duman.