International Students Meeting

Meet the four exchange students at West Albany for the 2022-23 school year

Helen Whiteside, Head Editor

On Thursday, September 29 at promptly 12:39 p.m., room 136 was quickly filled with a large portion of the bustling student body, with every chair filled and overflowing to the four classroom walls. Trays of shortbread cookies and Dixie cups of sparkling juice were passed around while principal Susie Orsborn and senior Caroline Gao said a few words to welcome the four exchange students attending West Albany for their studies. Gao then invited the four to come introduce themselves. 

     First was Seohee Yoo from South Korea, who excitedly shared her favorite parts of Korean culture, including K-pop, K-dramas, and K-movies, “Like BTS, Blackpink, and Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Yoo said. She also told of her fondness for animals, “except for those with six or more legs”. 

     Next was Fine Janzen from Spain, followed by Lola Berdos from France. Each shared about themselves, showing their appreciation for their countries’ respective foods. “The food for example…both tortillas, paella and hot chocolate [I love]”, Janzen said. Berdos then shared an American habit that makes her smile: “I find it funny when you [Americans] just say croissant…it’s fun”, she said. 

   Finally, Lea Feuerbach approached the front of the room to tell a little bit about her life. “My favorite part about German culture is village festivals and German parties”, she said. “I [also] love it when Americans say ‘nein’, it sounds like they are yelling at you”. 

     The students will be at WAHS for a while, so make sure to say hi when you pass them in the halls!