Working in the Dark

What you need to know about the power outage November 7


At approximately 8:55 a.m. on Monday, November 7, lights shut off throughout the school. French teacher Jaqueline Kahler’s room immediately filled with confused mumbles as the minutes ticked by. “Us, Albany Options, Facilities…and South Albany for sure [were affected] My understanding is that all of North Albany still had power,” Assistant Principal Rich Engler said. As the end of first period neared, students started questioning whether the power would come back at all, and whether school might close.
     “There’s a possibility [school would’ve closed] because [the lunch staff] wouldn’t have been able to fix lunches…it’s cold outside and the heat wouldn’t have been working,” Engler said.
      The power was promised to be back on by 9:30 by Pacific Power and ended up coming back on around 9:20, just in time for third period.