Coaching vs. Teaching

Coach Drew Halverson describes his life as a coach as well as a teacher

What is it like being a coach and a teacher?

It’s very fun and exciting as I wanted to be a coach. I am able to see athletes growth as a player and a student at the same time.

Do you prefer teaching or coaching?

I prefer teaching because I can see a broader variety of kids in my classes and I am able to be more involved with my students. I can also see the athletes that I coach grow off the court as well.

Would you have changed or done anything differently in your time here if you could have?

I have always been into sports and I love coaching but I would have wanted to work toward my teaching degree before actually teaching.

Is teaching and coaching ever too much work?

I don’t feel like it is too much work, I love my job a lot and I do work in my free time. For example, I watch film from past games.

Would you decide to transfer schools if you had the chance?

I would not, I love this school and the community. The only case I would possibly leave is for the money, but I really love this school and it would be hard to leave.