What You Should Be Watching This Fall

Movies that give you that warm, pumpkin spice feeling.

Eleanor Peterson

It’s rainy season, and that leaves people with a very limited list of things to do. When it’s pouring outside and you’re stuck inside, one great activity is to curl up with a blanket and put on a good movie. If you’re wondering what movies to watch, here’s a list of some of my favorite fall movies.


“Double, double toil and trouble” is just one thing you’ll witness watching Hocus Pocus, one the most classic Halloween movie of all time. When non-believer Max Dennison plays a prank things don’t quite go as planned causing three witch sisters to come back to life after 300 years in the ground. It’s bound to cause problems. 

     Will they make it through the night or will the witches complete their spell? 

     It’s a pretty whimsical movie, with brightly dressed characters, wacky personalities, and all-around ridiculousness.

     Even though its kind of a crazy movie it still manages to keep some classic traits, it has your boy, girl romance, the little sister, and three witches with a below-average IQ. It’s the perfect recipe for a fun movie.


It wouldn’t be a fall movie review without a classic slasher, like Scream. It’s classic in the sense that it’s old, everyone’s heard of it, and of course, people get brutally murdered. 

     This movie is a little bit different though;  it has all of the cliche teen movie stereotypes such as the virgin, the jock, the druggy, the best friend, and that one weird kid; but things don’t quite follow the formula. And you can’t forget about the strong, independent female lead.

    When these high school kids start getting murdered, there are two choices; run up the stairs or out the door. Who gets slashed in a dark hallway and who lives to see the following day? Who’s the killer? Here’s a hint, it’s not who you think


The movie everyone watched as a child and which sent chills down their spines. Coraline still remains a classic.   

     Coraline moves into a dingey and mysterious house and has problems with her parents who do nothing but work. When she finds this other world, it’s like a dream come true. Her other mother cooks her whatever she likes, buys her whatever she wants, and has the most amazing garden she has ever seen; but not everything is what it seems.

     Coraline truly is one of the creepier children’s movies, and it’s also very impressive. Claymation can be difficult to pull off, but this movie was executed perfectly.