UPLOAD Tv show review

Leah Bueno

UPLOAD is a Prime Video original TV show set in 2033 when technology and the way of living has evolved. Their world now includes inventions such as self driving cars, phones that can be accessed by opening up your hand, and the most important one is having the ability to upload yourself into an afterlife. This show mainly focuses on the afterlife of Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell), the main character.

     After getting in an accident in a self-driving car, Brown finds himself in the hospital and is given two choices: go to the operating room and try to revive himself, or sign a waiver to upload his conscience into a virtual afterlife. With the persuasion of his girlfriend, Ingrid, he uploads himself into Lakeview, a hotel in which every “upload” spends their afterlife. There, Brown meets his new “angel” Nora, a TI (Technical Issue) worker who provides services for the “uploads” via virtual reality. Nora works at Uploads headquarters, where she has the ability to  gather up data of someone who is uploaded and can even see their memories. Although, there’s something wrong with Brown’s memories. It appears that some of them are gone or most likely, they’ve been deleted. Brown remembers that he was in charge of a big corporation with his best friend, but he doesn’t even remember what it’s called. 

    This show is really impactful. We see how people with power can manipulate it and take over people who seem to have less significance. We can also appreciate the psychological accuracy of the film when people couldn’t stand being uploaded because they didn’t feel alive. Things like taste, feeling, they couldn’t appreciate those senses that they had when they were alive. This film is mostly romance for now, but I expect when the second season comes out it will focus more on the mystery of how Brown really came to die.