Spirit Week Behind the Scenes

Leah Bueno

The WAHS spirit week is a fun way to unite the school and show pride. Throughout the most recent spirit week February 10 through the 14th, junior J.J. Hitt said his favourite thing about the event is that “it unifies the school and it shows our school spirit.”

      School spirit can be shown in many ways throughout our school, from banners to Air Guitar. As many know, Air Guitar is one of the most awaited events of the school year. 

      Sophomore Alex Catala starred as Lumiere in his class’s “Beauty and the Beast” performance for this year’s Air Guitar. Although the sophomores had a rough time with their performance last year, Catala said, “This year was a million times better.”. The upbringing of the sophomores was evident for anyone who watched them from freshman to sophomore year.

      The biggest force behind spirit week is something that most people probably don’t think about. It’s organized by the leadership students. When picking themes for dressing up, they take into account what is relevant and what they think people can participate in without having to buy anything extra. Leadership teacher Erik Ihde said, “well first we throw a whole bunch of ideas out there,” this being the first step of the process, “and then we think about, are there any that we can eliminate that don’t fit our basic criteria, like one is way too complicated.” Overall this year’s spirit week and Air Guitar will be one all grades will remember.