Say Cavities!

Does candy create a smile 100% of the time?


Nothing can cheer someone up more than a simple strike on their taste buds, a hit with their favorite candy. From creamy dark chocolate to hard candy or chewing gum, a taste from one’s favorite candy brings nothing but smiles from cheek to cheek.

Junior Eden Maloney expresses her love for Skittles, a popular sour hard candy. First commercially made in 1974 by a British company, its popularity has only risen since then. She also expressed her special liking for green skittles in particular. This prejudice cannot be explained by taste however as all Skittles, no matter the color, have been manufactured to taste exactly the same. They only feature a difference in fragrance. 

Science teacher Chris Hains shares his infatuation with dark chocolate. Having no particular brand in mind, Hains claims he can enjoy any dark chocolate (just not Hershey’s). However, “dark chocolate” itself is a spectrum. As it is defined as “slightly bitter chocolate,” there is no clear cut percentage of cacao differentiating milk to dark. Controversies aside, Hains was pleased to receive a 3.5 oz bar of sea salt almond dark chocolate made by Ghirardelli, which is recognized by critics to be a more high quality brand in the US. 

Freshman Chaz West enjoys chocolate as well, in particular Reese’s peanut butter cups. Having tried various products of this brand, he believes the brand’s turn towards pretzel filling and boxes of bite sized Reese’s Pieces just doesn’t compare to the original. When given a Reese’s king sized bar of four cups, West smiled in delight. Appreciating the basic but mouthwatering combo peanut butter and chocolate gives.

  “Food makes you happy. It creates good memories,” Hains said It’s a mood enhancer.”