Q&A with Conner Dickerson

Edson S. Conn, Staff Writer

WW: What led you to begin swimming?

Dickerson: “It was when I was really young. I started swim team when I was five because my brother and sister were both on the swim team, so we were already at the pool. I kind of decided that I would get in the water too.”


WW: Do you have plans post high school?

Dickerson: “I am going to go to OSU for robotics and maybe their polo club but it’s not official. I’m not planning on swimming at all.”


WW: How do you balance your sports and schooling life?

Dickerson: “I don’t. I have a very messy life. I just try to find time for stuff whenever I can, but I don’t plan anything. I just go for it.


WW: You just recently competed in districts, how did that go for you?

Dickerson: “It feels really good. Just knowing that even as a sophomore last year I was good enough to get into the state relays and get second. It feels really good.”


WW: What advice do you have for current or future swimmers?

Dickerson: “Just go for it. Listen to your coaches. Just start swimming and continue swimming.”


WW: What has been your hardest accomplishment with swimming?

Dickerson: “Just making it to state and being able to go through all of this stuff and doing it well.”