Beat the Boredom: Ways to Reconnect with Loved Ones That are Not online!

The Splatter Box

For $75 per group (eight max) Play around and splatter neon paint around with friends and family! Create one of a kind memories!



Spend the day out in nature at many of Albany’s parks and lakesides for lunch. There’s a variety of locations, including Talking Water Gardens, by the Willamette River, Bryant Park, and even Dapper Park.


Movie Night

Buy some snacks, Pick a movie, and sit down for a fun night with loved ones. 


Game Night

Pick out some games, whether it be board games or video games, and enjoy a lively night with your family and friends.


Talent Show

Invite over some loved ones and show off your coolest tricks and singing voices. Maybe even ask someone to be a judge and enjoy a night full of laughter.


New hobbies

Search on Youtube or join a friend in one of their hobbies that you don’t share, and explore a new task. There’s planting, going to the gym, or even dancing, to find another interest that has not been unlocked within yourself.

Cook with friends

Find an easy recipe and invite some friends to have a fun night and get the reward of a delicious meal.


Fashion Show

Have a fashion show with friends! Swap clothes, Blindly pick out an outfit and see how silly it turns out. Compete to see who looks best!


Arts and Crafts

Show off your creativity and create something! Whether that be a painting, origami, or whatever interests you, its sure to end with fun memories and something to show for your work.


Community service

maybe go out and pick up garbage at a local park or even give the animals at Safe Haven company.



Go Support Small Business

Find small businesses around town to enjoy with loved ones! For example Hasty Freeze, Fay’s Cafe, Jo Jo Macs, and others.


Thrift Shopping

Explore the thrift shops around Albany and see what good deals and oddities can be located. There’s St. Vincent de Paul, with a large extension of books along with Goodwill. Search and see what you can find.