Are Commercials Played Too Many Times?

How does heavy commercialization not only affect consumers but companies who can’t afford commercials?

Kailee Young, Opinion Editor

Commercials can sometimes be funny, informative or even inspiring, however many of them are straight out cheesy and annoying. In an hour of television there are around 15-16 minutes of commercials; and before a movie, if a person were to arrive on time, there are still 15-20 minutes of trailers. These interruptions and wait times can be more trouble than the movie or show is worth. Many cable channels and online streaming services know that many commercials can bore viewers and make them want to stop watching, but they keep doing it for the money.

Money made from selling commercials spaces has dramatically increased with big companies spending millions and billions of dollars on these advertisements. Big companies can pay these outrageous prices, however, smaller companies cannot keep up with growing prices. This can cause what might actually be a good product to go unnoticed, because instead of seeing multiple products in those 20 minutes the viewer is only seeing one product over and over again. Not only is this repetition annoying to customers it boxes out the smaller companies.

In a statistic done by ¨The Statista,¨ a website that specializes in statistics, the most aired ad was from Go and was aired 8428 times in only the first quarter of 2018. Depending on the type of ad and where it is aired, an ad can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, that means this website has at least spent a couple thousand dollars on advertising alone. With all of this money going towards advertising, some companies can’t afford these high prices leaving them behind in this rat race.

Not only can these overbearing companies harm smaller businesses, but it also can annoy consumers and even cause some people do not want to buy the product because they have seen it so many times. When asked how they felt when they see commercials many times many of the responses were negative.

¨They can be kind of annoying,” says Junior Kendra Jones ¨but at the same time they can be kind of interesting.¨

While Jones finds these commercials sometimes interesting Sophomore Logan more disagrees with the statement: ¨I get bored or annoyed with the commercial.¨

Commercials in themselves aren’t the problem, after all the networks need to get money, and the companies need exposure. However, the over-commercialization boxes out smaller companies and annoys viewer to the point where they just want to say what Senior Sam Rossback sums up perfectly as, ¨Please leave.¨