Falling into Fashion

Now that fall is finally upon us, how are students showing off their new attire?


Marshall Hamel

As the temperature cools and the leaves begin to fall, students are given the chance to express themselves in new ways. This time of year is as great of a time as any for fashion, but just how exactly are students taking advantage of this unique seasonal opportunity? 

     For some people, the colorful leaves and that familiar chill in the air is the perfect time to show off all their outfits in creative, albeit warmer, ways. However, for some students such as junior Rebecca Ritchey, the cooler weather provides the perfect opportunity to stay comfortable and casual. 

     “My typical fall outfit is usually just a hoodie and jeans,” said Ritchey. “I usually wear something warmer because it’s always colder in the fall. If I’m not wearing a hoodie I’m probably wearing a long sleeve shirt and a jacket.” 

     Although her approach is more easy going, Ritchey definitely isn’t alone in her affinity for casual attire. 

     “I mainly just wear sweaters,” said senior Grason Crabtree. “I don’t really care about wearing fall colors or anything like that.” 

     This laid back approach is definitely the most popular choice as you might expect from high schoolers, but that doesn’t mean that dressing casually can’t be stylish as well. 

     For many students, casual clothing provides a canvas for new ideas, and some students such as junior Miranda Lawley, that’s taken literally. 

     “I don’t really like fitting myself into a box, but I’m definitely inspired by DIY culture and riot girl culture,” said Lawley. “If there’s something I want but I don’t wanna pay for, I try to make it myself. I think kids should try to make their own clothes if they want to.” 

     Just like Lawley, many students have taken fashion into their own hands over the past year and a half. Lots of students found themselves in situations where buying new clothes just wasn’t an option, but trials and tribulation often leave room for creativity and innovation.

     Whether you’re dressing for comfort, sport, or you’re just trying to stay warm and dry, no one can deny that the fall season provides a great opportunity to be creative, and that yields some truly remarkable results.