Just 4 Fun

The atmosphere of Connect 4 club


Legend Engberg, Online Art director

With COVID-19 making it hard for school clubs to thrive, many have closed down to lack of attendance. Clubs that allow students to express a hobby or passion such as art, magic, cosplay, movie, and more have not been in full working order since the start of the pandemic. So it can be seen as lucky when clubs such as the Connect 4 club are still up and running. With their president, senior Naomi Shenk, the club is a time for the members to play some Connect 4. Every Thursday, students face off against each other to see who can get four in a row. The challenge there is taking on Cole Pouliot, a math teacher at WAHS, who has stated himself that he has only been beaten twice this school year. So do you think you have what it takes? Come on down to Mr. Pouliot´s room on Thursdays at lunch to see if you can beat the reigning champ.

I like to play games that I win I feel like that´s human nature.

The students are great and the winning is fun too.

I miss eating lunch with my other friends.

— Cole Pouliot

The members are really nice. We have a lot of laughs and then trying to see whoever can beat Mr. Pouliot, that´s always a fun adventure.”

— Annah Shollenbarger

I can get competitive at times but it’s really just for the fun of the game.

There’s not really much to say, if you like to play Connect 4 for just a minute we’ll just chill.

— Vincent Castro

It’s fun and because cool people are there and then if you go you’ll be cool too, you picking up what I’m putting down.”

— Kandice Cornett

It’s not a serious club. So we kind of just do whatever we want. Obviously, we respect school rules, but it’s kind of just a lot of hanging out.”

— Naomi Shenk