Hoping for a Home Run


The WAHS Baseball Varsity team is in the league games now and, when it’s not raining, the students on the field can show off how ready they are to give it they’re all. As of the 23rd of April, varsity has scored nine wins with very few losses, an improvement upon the highly jumbled nature of last year’s school sports as everyone tried to recover from a year of quarantine.

Overall basics wise the team is in shape for this season, said Junior Marcus Allen, one of the varsity baseball players of WAHS. He elaborated on the team having a strong pattern when it comes to their ability to play. ¨Our consistency, throwing strikes, not letting any extra-base runners hang around. We have a strong core of guys that can throw really well,¨ Marcus said.

The season has been able to bring in new players as well, and the fields were filled in order to complete the roster for this season. “We had more kids try out this year than we have in past years, which is always great for the program,¨ coach Steven Ockerman said. ¨We got a lot of guys that can play who are really doing a lot.¨

Ockerman said that the varsity team has been doing great along with the JV team who seemed to be set up for success with a solid defensive structure and good pitching. ¨I think there is a good team camaraderie,” Ockerman said. “There’s a lot of really good people on the team. They take care of each other and have a good attitude.¨