Greater Theater

How the Performing arts have become a passion for one student?


Haily Dinger, a member of drama and theater, has seen how her art form puts together West’s annual play and musical. She sees it as a home for students interested in the arts. According to Dinger, theater can attract a variety of individuals– she mentioned it has festered a positive environment.

     “It’s a very welcoming community. You can really be yourself,” Dinger said. “I think [in] theater everyone’s so different, that all together we can be friends.”

     Having performed for seven years, Hailey has experienced a lot in her career while developing a connection with her art. 

     “I played Eleanor in ‘Sense and Sensibility’ last year, and I’d say that was my peak. It was my first experience where I wasn’t just playing a character. I was developing myself as an actor,” Dinger said, referencing the play as her favorite performance.

   This experience of growth led Dinger to reflect on drama and theater, and how it is unique to the landscape of entertainment.

     “Live performances really have a special aspect to them, a lot of other things like recorded music for TV shows or movies [may not],” Dinger said. “In theater, you really have to memorize your role and you have one chance to show the crowd rather than taking things over and over again, as in lots of many art forms.”