Time on her toes

One senior high steppers journey with dance



Starting out

Zoey Zarkou started dancing originally because her parents put her in dance through parental influence when she was four, but concluded that she liked it. “ [I] thought it was really fun,” Zarkou said.

Early Years

She continued with dance through elementary school, and during junior high had one of her most exhausting dances ever, dancing to the song “Believer” by Imagine Dragons she stated.  “That dance was insane! Through the roof! I felt so tired after it.” she reflected.”


She then joined the dance scene as a WAHS High Stepper her sophomore year, but due to COVID-19 lacked the full experience until her junior year.  “That was a lot more normal,” Zarkou said.

Finally, with many years of dance behind her, Zarkou experienced what she believes to have been her defining moment.“Winning state last year; that was just such an incredible moment in my dance career, and so powerful. I felt like it was such a good step.  It felt really awesome,” she said.
When it comes to dancing, Zarkou believes that it’s a greatly expressionary part of entertainment, connecting people with the art form. She expressed how dance takes music and interprets it. “With dance, you hear [a] song, and you witness it like someone else felt when they heard the music.” Zoey said, “ It sucks you into [it] because you can see how people feel without [them] saying anything.”