Sushi Dreams: The ‘Dreaming of Sushi’ food cart brings Japanese cuisine to The Barn


When you first approach the Dreaming of Sushi food cart at The Barn in Hickory Station, it looks a little nondescript. Between carts plastered with mouth-watering photos of crepes and tacos, the small red truck can fade into the background. But you shouldn’t let this sushi stop go unnoticed. 

     The California Plate comes with eight California rolls and four fried spring rolls. The rolls themselves consist of imitation crab, cucumber, and avocado. The avocado’s smooth and creamy texture complements that of the crunchy and refreshing cucumber, while the crab adds a more savory flavor. 

     Many sushi restaurants overuse vinegar in the rice, which adds an uncomfortable acidic flavor that overwhelms that of the seaweed and fillings. However, Dreaming of Sushi manages to avoid this pitfall, with mildly seasoned rice in a reasonable ratio to the nori.

     The spring rolls are also delicious, but they were not quite as ideal. The outside is crunchy and fried to a dark golden color, but the inside loses a bit of the texture and instead is slightly too soft. The flavor is mild and not unpleasant, but it leaves a bit to be desired. It also, like most meals at The Barn, is quite expensive for the amount of food you receive. 

     Despite that, it is one of the better deals you can get when at The Barn, and the food arrives quickly. The spring rolls and sushi supplement each other’s flavors, and it is enough food to be satisfying for most people.

     Food carts are becoming more and more popular as their diversity and convenience are appreciated by the general public. The Barn is just one of many locations that have opened within the past five years to make finding food carts easy and accessible for everyone. 

     The next time you are nearby, check out the Dreaming of Sushi cart, and enjoy a unique and delicious experience.