Why compliments feel better coming from girls than guys

Cat calling has been a part of society for many years but that doesn’t make it acceptable. It is considered rude because it objectifies and sexualizes strangers without any regard for equality or outside of physical appearances. People often mistakenly equate catcalling with flirting, but the two are quite different. Flirting is a balanced exchange that implies an element of playfulness, while catcalling is done with the intention to degrade and control. flirting typically occurs in a one-on-one situation, while catcalling is often done by a group of men toward a single woman. Catcalling is not flirting, nor is it an appropriate way to show appreciation or admiration for someone.

It is not okay to tolerate any form of sexual assault from anyone, including inappropriate comments, stalking, to rape. If we confront the lesser forms of sexual violence, as well as the reasons why these acts occur, we can make a big difference in reducing gender violence in our society. Catcalling is a huge reason why compliments from men can often make girls and women uncomfortable. Complimenting people without sexualizing anyone is easy, there are just a few rules to it.

Be unique and sincere, make sure you mean the compliment and are aware of how they might feel. Make sure your compliment is not backhanded. Do not just compliment someone on their physical appearance, this can make them feel like the only thing you notice about them is their body and not the more important things like how their mind works or their personality.

Izabel Vidrio (Left) Jade Fee (Middle) Mya Reed ( Right)

Freshman Izabel Vidrio
“Compliments feel better coming from girls because it’s more meaningful. they understand the time and effort it takes to get ready… I get complimented by girls quite frequently and it makes me feel good about myself.”

Freshman Mya Reed
“ I get complimented by girls a few times a week, sometimes they’re silly little compliments but they still mean quite a lot. I have been cat called before and it made me feel like I wanted to cover up, I felt gross. compliments from guys don’t really feel like compliments, it always feels fake and like they are joking around.”

Freshman Jade Fee
“ I feel like when girls compliment you it is genuine. she means it and gets how hard you work on your appearance. but when a guy does it it feels flirty and not sincere. I’ve been cat called before. I was walking with a group of my friends to a restaurant and there was a group of guys that look like they’d be in their twenties. They kept whistling at us and I’m pretty sure one even barked at us.”

             Hottest Compliments that don’t sexualize anyone!

  1. You bring out the best in me
  2. I love talking to you
  3. You have such an interesting mind
  4. You have a kind heart
  5. You light up every room you enter
  6. You make my day
  7. I love your smile
  8. I love your style
  9. I’m happy you’re in my life
  10. Youre such a go-getter