Disney’s New Addition

Does Disney’s new streaming have a positive future?

Ethan Biersdorff, Opinion Editor

When you think of streaming services, what company comes to your mind first? What comes to your friends’ minds? There are a lot of new names coming to the already expansive list leaving many asking what the top streaming service will be.

     Some are calling this the Streaming Wars, and as of right now the question of which is best is complicated, to say the least. The new name everyone seems to be talking about is Disney Plus. Disney is a massive company and with the addition of their new streaming service, this billion dollar company is just raking in more and more money. Yet while Disney is a powerhouse their new streaming platform may not be.

     For Marvel nerds, Star Wars geeks, and families looking for a good film to watch, Disney plus seems like the perfect place to go. These are the biggest names that are coming with Disney’s new service. They also have Fox and National Geographic under their belt. So now they take their franchise collection to their new platform as well as buying their content back from Netflix to put on their new streaming service.

     Netflix is a commonly thought of name when it comes to streaming platforms, as they were one of the first and have been a goliath in the industry since. According to a Lifewire article written by Elise Moreau, “Netflix is by far the No. 1 most-used online streaming service.” Being that they are the platform that helped kill Blockbuster, they are obviously doing something right.

     So with them being on top, will Disney Plus be able to take the top spot? Netflix has such a loyal fan base already and their seemingly limitless budget goes towards beautiful original content; it’s nearly impossible to take it down. In this moment, Netflix is by far the stronger viewing platform.

     Disney Plus content is too limited and family oriented to reach as wide of an audience as titans like Netflix or Hulu. That isn’t to say that Disney Plus isn’t good, but it’s unlikely it becomes as much of a household name like the others. If Disney or all of the franchises under its belt are what you’re interested in, then Disney Plus is still an amazing platform to go to. It is not too expensive, and for Verizon Unlimited users, it comes at an even cheaper price. If it’s not what you want to watch, there are so many different streaming services there is something out there for you.