People spend money on nothing but a name

Eleanor Peterson

Walking down the hall, you’re surrounded by kids in Nike sweatshirts and checkered Vans. What can’t be seen is that these kids have spent a lot of money in order to sport the newest trends. What is all this money getting you anyways? A sweatshirt or just a name? 

     Originally, people bought name brand clothes because of their quality. Companies like Columbia and North Face are known as being the best for outdoor wear, and Nike became famous for its impressive sportswear. Though a lot of brands, while masquerading under sportswear, make products more directed at the fashion world. Many people wear their products for the name only because they’re considered “cool.”

     They help people “to be viewed a certain way,” Marketing teacher Morgan Wadlow said, “to achieve a certain status, to fit in with a certain social group.”

     It seems odd to believe that people buy these things when they cost so much, but it’s in fact the price that makes these items desirable. Brand name clothes are something not everyone can afford, making them exclusive. 

     “It’s human nature to want something that is hard to achieve,” Wadlow said, “and to desire something that not everybody can have.”

     Something that only the top people can wear. People not only want to have something no one else has, but to have something that the people they look up to are wearing.  

     “[Who] they’re going to work with for endorsements and social media presence,” said Wadlow. “A lot of that is really powerful.” 

     People want to be like celebrities and so if they see them wearing a certain pair of Nike shoes, people are going to want those shoes. Companies do this to get their product out and make it desirable and they’re very successful. 

     So, how does this benefit the consumer? Sure, you get a nice sweatshirt or something, but all you’re really buying is a name or a social status, while the company makes millions. The appeal of name brands is their exclusivity, but they’re not nearly as uncommon as they seem. Nowadays, everyone is wearing brand name clothing regardless of the cost. 

     Next time you go shopping for the newest pair of Nike shoes, think about what you’re buying. Think about what it’s really worth and compare that to the price tag.