Swimming With Covid

How has Covid affected Water Polo & The Team

Austin Rudel, Photography Director


Mens Water Polo Team Photo by: Austin Rudel

      Water polo originated in the rivers and lakes of mid-19th century England as an aquatic version of rugby football.

  Water Polo is a combo of swimming, soccer, and wrestling,” said Sophomore Conner Dickerson.


     USA water polo said water polo has  difficult rules and regulations. Each team must have seven players, six field players and one goalkeeper. There is no limit to the number of minor fouls a player may commit. Once a player has committed three major fouls, that player must leave the game and may not return.

     ” Learning new spots is difficult, said Sophomore Hannah Johnston. 


     Covid has had a big impact on sports the last two years. The Olympics were almost cancelled, the Olympics have never been cancelled. The pandemic has made some games have to change certain rules.

      “ If one member tests positive then the whole team has to be quarantined,” said Dickerson.


     Many people question why people play water polo. ”I started water polo because the team was made up of some really strong and amazing ladies,” said Johnston. “I love to swim and stuff that involves water,” said Dickerson.