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What does a normal day look like for a high schooler?

Austin Rudel, Photography Director


6 a.m. on a Tuesday. 

The subtle light of a new day. The normal school morning. Not always knowing what’s in front of you. The struggle to get out of bed and the urge to learn. It all doesn’t come as easy as it looks. This is the first sight I see from my room window.  How the sun lights the world in front of me.


6:50 a.m.

Something to eat, light and elegant. There’s nothing better than a nice light food for breakfast. This is the time to myself to prepare for the new day in front of me. I usually work on some homework or watch TV.

Cold car

6:57 a.m.

The cold foggy window of the car. Time to take a deep breath and feel the refreshing air. The next stop is school. Sometimes it can be a struggle to want to go to school but I do it anyway. 


7:00 a.m.

The place where I will spend the next eight hours.  I take a deep breath as I walk in the doors, preparing myself for the day in front of me.  I take my deep breath as reinsurance just rid my mind about everything that is unnecessary for the day. Having a clear mindset helps in a school setting. 


8th period final class of the day. Waiting for the bell to strike, 2:50. It has been a long day at school.  Having classes ranging from Biology to French. Some classes are more fun than others but I strive to learn.

Home drive

3 p.m.

Time to cruise and relax on the way home. Some peace and quiet. This is the time when I figure out what I will be needing to do when I get home.


4 p.m.

Time to gather up all the assignments for the day. Finish the ones necessary for the next day.


6 p.m.

Something different and new.  Adventuring into different worlds of flavor. We keep dinner simple and light. 


7 p.m.

Ready to lay back and relax from a long day. The day isn’t over, but is coming to an end. 


7:50 p.m.

The beautiful pastel colors of a spring night, air soft and luscious. The night sky before bed. Reminding me that there’s a new day in front of me. Allowing myself to think about what’s next and what needs to be done.