Girls Basketball Beat Story

This season did not end the way our basketball players wanted it to. They started off strong and confident making it to the playoffs but got the ending none of us were expecting. They lost their 1st game and wish they could get that back, but realistically they are using the loss of this season to motivate them to work harder for next season’s playoffs. Our  players said the loss at playoffs was one of the most challenging parts of this season, having it come to an end when they worked so hard was upsetting for the girls. 

     The pros and cons of being a female basketball player for West Albany varys, there weren’t many cons to this year’s season compared to previous years where the internal drama with the team was challenging. A pro for this year from one of the players was the lack of drama and the addition of connections between the players. 

    Each player is different from the hardships they face outside their sport to the different friend groups each player is a part of but all of those differences are put aside when they step on the court and play. 

Each one of our basketball players has a different highlight of their season and looking at senior basketball player Brooklyn Strandy her highlight was “ When we had our Springfield tournament during Christmas break, we were down by 2 with 10 seconds left and I hit a 3 to get us up by 1 and we won!” 

Basketball isn’t just throwing a ball from one side of the court to the other it requires strategy and concentration. The team members at the end of the day are all a family even if it only goes as far as being on the same team, “ we care and respect each other always” said senior Brooklyn Strandy.  

The 2022 season was up and down for our West Albany players, they worked as hard as they could, showing up everyday and bringing their all when they entered the gym. The way the season ended does not accurately reflect what they deserve with how much time and effort they put into this sport, this goes to show that they will come back stronger and prepared to win next year’s playoffs