The New Schedule

A new schedule has been implemented at West Albany High School. What do some of the students think?

West has shifted to a schedule with three periods, then lunch, followed by last period. The main reason for the change was to support the students with opens during 7th and 8th period, so they could go home during lunch instead of coming back. This was stated by Susan Osborn while addressing the junior class on Sept 7th.

     People either love it, don’t care, or hate it. A new schedule defender, junior Alayna Peterson, has realized the schedule has helped her. “I prefer it because it lines up with my personal eating habits. I don’t get hungry until around noon, so having it later in the day lines up with when I’m hungry,” Peterson said.

      People like sophomore Logan Fischer are not so happy about the new schedule. “It makes my school life way harder. It makes me hungry before class, and it makes it even harder to get through classes with a big enough break in the middle,” Fischer said. “If they changed it back, it would make so many students’ lives so much easier.” 

      Senior Jack Hagner is someone who is in the middle. “I’m on the fence about it. On one hand I feel like my day is much shorter because I have an open at the end, but on the other hand, I constantly feel hungry in 5th/6th period and desperately wish it was time for a break.”
      Based upon the junior and senior responses, it tends to benefit them more, while sophomores find themselves on the short end of the stick after experiencing the old lunch schedule from last year.