Under the Radar

What sports do some students play that go off the beaten path?

Coral CwmCwlamare

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Football, soccer, golf, water polo, tennis, and lacrosse are all examples of school sponsored sports. Some students, however, wander off the beaten path and play sports not offered by the school. From curling to roller skating, there are many unusual sports that students play. 



Oona Lee

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What is Rugby?

“A cross between football and soccer. It has an almost family-like atmosphere. There is very little drama, and the coaches make a fun environment.”

How did you get into it?

“A friend set it up in middle school and needed people to join. At the time I was already into contact sports.”

What is your favorite memory attached to rugby?

“Definitely freshman year. We won the championship against our biggest rival.”



Carson Hyde

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What is archery?

“It is a very multi-level sport, both mentally and physically. It’s necessarily not a difficult sport but very rewarding.”

How did you get into it?

“I originally got into it with my dad. I saw a bow in the garage, asked for one for Christmas, and started.”

What is your favorite memory attached to archery?

“It was the first time I split an arrow. I thought it was impossible, something you only see in movies.”





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