Rendered Useless?

Does the introduction of AI models such as Dalle-2 mean the future is right around the corner?


For the entirety of human history up until the 21st century, when you looked at a painting you were face to face with something of undoubtedly human origin. Now, In 2022 we have virtual robots and online programs that are able to create believable images essentially out of thin air. To say that things are a little different nowadays would be an enormous understatement, but is the future truly at our fingertips, or do we have a ways to go before we get there?

Image generated with DALLE-2

     With the introduction of AI models such as Artbreeder in recent years, people were given the ability to utilize this new technology in easier ways than ever before. Actually using these models is fairly straightforward; simply combine images together and mess around with various image settings, laid out in a similar fashion to photo editing apps. The end results vary in accuracy, which is the main drawback of using the majority of free-to-use image generators that are available.

     Unlike its other budget-friendly counterparts, the recently released DALLE-2 really has the best of both worlds in terms of both usability and quality. With a simple text entry, DALLE-2 is not only capable of creating believable artwork, but is also able to mimic nearly any art style, from Pixar to Picasso. Nothing is off limits in terms of creative and stylistic potential, and the future looks promising for AI image generators.