How a band from the 90s made a quarantine masterpiece

A review of the “Ok Human” album by Weezer

Tyler Stacy

The crunchy guitars of the 90s are absent in Weezer’s newest album, “Ok Human.” In fact, there is no electric guitar on this album at all. In its place is a 38-piece orchestra recorded exclusively on analog. And there aren’t the cheesy love song lyrics Weezer is known for either. At just 30 minutes, Weezer’s “Ok Human” is a masterpiece.
Some may say that Weezer hit its prime in the 90s, but the thing is, they didn’t stop making music. They’ve been making music for the past 29 years, and yet nothing they’ve made is like “Ok Human.”
The album has a large quarantine focus but also includes lyrics that talk more about tech-related issues. A great example of this is the song called “Numbers.” In it, Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer, talks about how there’s always a number that makes you feel bad about yourself. Whether it’s weight, money, or something as simple as Instagram likes, numbers are out to get you.
Another song with powerful lyrics is “Playing My Piano.” The song highlights Cuomo’s personal experience during quarantine. Cuomo talks about how he wants to tune the entire world out and that he just wants to play his piano. Throughout the song lyrics referencing bits of music knowledge, such as, “Dipping down from major to Mixolydian” makes the song more dynamic. More important than the lyrics, though, is the explosive chorus filled with strings.
“Aloo Gobi” and “Dead Roses” by far have the best choruses and are personal favorites on the entire album. It seems to be a general theme on the album that every song has an amazing chorus.
Another interesting feature of this album is the sense of balance in every song. This is created by using the typical alternative rock drums and a bass guitar. Added with the sweet strings these two contradicting sounds create a delicate balance. Interestingly enough the album’s main genre is Orchestral Pop Rock.
My only issue with the album is the song “Screens.” Anyone could guess the meaning of the song — that we stare at our screens too much. That whole theme seems pretty out of touch and has already been talked about by hundreds of people, but I digress. I still find myself relistening to the song, though, because the chorus is ridiculously good.
Overall the album is solid and calling it a masterpiece isn’t far-fetched. It brings a lot to the table in terms of sound. For anyone who thinks Weezer peaked in the 90s, go listen to “Ok Human.”